Feb 5, 2010


'k, i'm old, i guess- i don't understand how my 'Health Reimbursement Medical Account' works, and why it's a good thing to have.   I just spent the last hour trying to understand why the letter my insurance company sent to me (including the spelling of my name) didn't match what I saw online on their site, and what would happen if i pushed the 'discontinue' button on the reimbursement account.

basically, what i've learned is that the practice of outsourcing by large companies continues to increase the points of failure in the delivery of services to actual customers, and that the people in the call center are not completely 'up' on how things work any more than i am.

i'm sure someone somewhere (probably an artificial corporate entity) is reaping the great rewards of both the outsourcing and the use of the reimbursement account, but i'm almost certain that i'm not among the beneficiaries.

the other thing i've learned today is that i complain a lot. i'm thinking about doing this to work on it, but i think i'll have another cup of caffeine first.


  1. Does the bracelet come with a life time warranty? Because if it doesn't then just let me complain about that right now. I have a feeling this is not coming off my wrist ever.
    I'm just saying! :)